Hi! Welcome to GLEAUX . . .

I’m Erika, a contemporary mixed media artist and photographer living and working in San Diego, California. If you happen to have a fascination with the relationship between color, pattern, light, natural earthen materials, and texture, along with a distain for barren, lonely walls, then you’re in the right place! This is where I explore new relationships between widely diverse and atypical materials and make curious and glorious mistakes that open the door to the creation of fresh and unique works of art! Enjoy your visit : )


• • • A R T I S T S T A T E M E N T • • •

W H Y I create simply because it gives me raw, personal satisfaction to deconstruct, reconstruct, and transform the things I see out there in a new way, infusing new meaning, or at the very least, creating a fresh perspective. The journey I am currently on to study, practice, and celebrate the art of really SEEING, takes me to life’s corners… the seemingly flavorless, forgotten, uncultivated, inelegant, unpolished, and unbranded edges of California and beyond. It is here that I more easily and earnestly notice true color, pure light, uninterrupted energy, and organic form. I return home to create in the comfortable familiarity, balance, discipline, and structure of my home studio. This duality ignites my creativity!

W H A T My work is inspired by a fascination with natural earthen materials and the geometry, fluidity, and pattern in topography and cartography. It is also influenced by accidental and imaginative textures and subtleties in the performance, color, and transience of light. My work is the product of an obsession with the curiously meticulous, endlessly detailed, and peculiarly beautiful. My pieces are one-of-a-kind, often times very time-consuming, labors of love, each communicating their own visual cadence and dimensional rhythm, and representing a different process and aesthetic. I am both energized and tormented by the endless opportunities to invent and re-imagine ways to add dimension to, enliven, and energize flat surfaces, shift and flirt with light and shadow, and play with or map out materials into curious new relationships.

H O W The elements of my compositions, are often derived from natural objects and materials, and are then hand-manipulated, resurfaced, reshaped, and rearranged, in such a way as to become a new abstracted whole. So much of my work is driven by the process, which tends to be meditative and steady, rhythmic and repetitious. I try not to manically overthink the end result. I just sort of give in to the flow. Sometimes, the graphic designer in me wants accuracy and precision, to stick to a design brief, while the photographer in me has been trained to be more fluid, roll with the spontaneity of the changing moods, lighting, and energy of an evolving piece. I toggle endlessly between the two worlds. Often times the end result of my work is a complete surprise, eliciting either utter joy or complete disappointment. Either way, I usually recover quickly because the creative process, if I was true to it and didn’t fight it, was WELL worth it.  I deeply and devoutly love what I do and feel so lucky and fulfilled to have the opportunity to share it with others.