Hi, I'm Erika! 

I run GLEAUXa fresh & colorful fine art & photography studio, not too far from the sea in sunny San Diego, California.



                I make things that make me happy. Why make something that doesn’t bring you joy? I’ve made all kinds of things in my professional life as an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer that bring other people joy. But hooray for the chance to make stuff for me! I have pulled away from the needs of the consumer (at least for now) and am on a personal journey to study, practice, and celebrate the art of seeing. While on this journey, I try to fearlessly immerse myself in the awkwardly funny, flavorless, lonely, forgotten, improbable, perplexing, inelegant, raucous, disproportionate, pallid, and uncultivated. I return home to create in the comfort and familiarity of the balanced, pleasing, graceful, intuitive, disciplined, rhythmic, repetitious, and structured. This duality ignites my creativity!   

My art usually begins very small, with tiny dots, fine lines, emerging micro-patterns, little blips of color. My process is meditative and steady, rhythmic and repetitious. I don’t do a lot of planning or visualizing about the end result. I just sort of give in to the process and let myself flow with it. Sometimes the graphic designer in me wants accuracy and precision, to kern, to manipulate anchor points, to stick to a design brief, while the photographer in me has been trained to be more fluid, roll with the spontaneity of the ever changing moods of her subjects, the light, the weather, and the composition. I toggle endlessly between the two worlds. Often times the end result of my work is a complete surprise, eliciting either utter joy or complete disappointment. Either way, I usually recover quickly because the creative process, if I was true to it and didn’t fight it, was WELL worth it. 

I make things not to leave my imprint on the world, but to satisfy my soul. I seek to balance each day with calm productivity. My work serves as a personal reflection, an anchor, and a celebration of what I see, as well as a diary of my day- to- day creative catharsis. So whether you find me dipping bamboo sporks in paint, hard-wiring fragile angel-lit branches to the ceiling, doodling tiny lines with my beloved ultra-fine mechanical pencil, or strapped to my Canon in pursuit of the perfect Bokeh, I am happily planning the next leg of my journey. A journey in the endless pursuit of really SEEING.

See you out there : )

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