"Your imagination is the hood ornament on the car of creativity." - Gary Busey, actor


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ERIKA   RHEIN  GIVENS  :  After  graduating  in  1999  from  Art  Center  College  of  Design  in  Pasadena,  Ca.,  the  San  Francisco  Bay  Area-born  artist  and  designer  Erika  Rhein  Givens  began  working  as  a  Senior  Designer  at  the  Nokia  Design  Center,  responsible  for  everything  from  branding,  identity,  exhibit,  and  package  design,  to  category  development,  multimedia  art  direction,  and  technical  team  management.  Her  work  in  production,  art  direction,  and  copywriting  at  Nokia  Design  won  an  award  at  the  New  York  International  Film  Festival,  and  was  recognized  in   I.D.  Magazine  and  several  publications  around  the  world.  She  later  moved  to  other  creative  pursuits,  taking  on  a  variety  of  challenging  projects  at  Bluemint  Associates,  SMWM  Inc.,  Smart  Design  LLC,  and  Phillipe  Becker  Design. 

In  2004,  Erika  launched  Gleaux  (pronounced  glow),  a  San  Francisco-based  graphic  design  studio.  Her  work  at  Gleaux  has  been  widely  acknowledged  in  print,  television  and  online  media,  such  as  the  San  Francisco  Chronicle  Magazine,  Oakland  Tribune,  InStyle  Magazine,  San  Francisco  Magazine,  7x7  Magazine,  and  NBC's  Today  Show  to  name  a  few.  After  contributing  design  collections  to  online  retailers  such  as  Minted.com  and  TinyPrints/Shutterfly,  Gleaux  received  1st  place  in  Minted's  2009  Holiday  Card  Design  Challenge,  as  well  as,  two Editor's  Choice  Awards  in  the  2013  Minted/West  Elm  Art  Challenge.  Gleaux  original  artwork  is   seasonally on  sale  at  West  Elm  online.    

After  relocating  to  San  Diego  in  2012  with  her  husband  and  three  children,  Erika  launched  GLEAUX   Art • Photo • Design,  a  colorful  little  *makery*  in  sunny  San  Diego.  As  master-maker,  she  creates  fresh  and  original  artwork,  decor,  hand-drawn  illustrations,  graphic  design,  and  photography  because….  well…  she  can't  stop  herself!  She  likes  to  keep  a  window  open  so  that  color,  light,  inspiration,  and  magic  can  drift  in  on  the  sea  breeze.  



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