"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Anonymous

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Taking  a  little  time  out  to  try  to  give  back,  I've  been  lucky  enough  to  partner  as  a  photographer  with  the  Make  A  Wish  Foundation San Diego,  Savvy  Interiors  Giving  By  Design,  Poway  Unified'sDel Sur  Elementary  School, and Ava's Angels.  I  have  included  some  of  the  photographs  and  moments  that  have  meant  the  most  to  me.  Enjoy  : )

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PARTNERSHIP  WITH  SAVVY  GIVING   BY  DESIGN  ( a  philanthropic  arm  of  Savvy  Interiors,  donating  interior  design  services  along  with  donations  from  the  community  for  materials  to  makeover  rooms  for  families  in  crisis )

Kasey  Harvey,  a  popular  13  year  old  teenage  who  lives  in  Rancho  Penasquitos,  CA  and  is  a  goalkeeper  for  her  competitive  soccer  team,  was  diagnosed  with  a  rhabomyosarcoma  cancer  a  few  days  after  being  treated  for  what  was  thought  to  be  a  severe  sinus  infection.  Savvy  Interiors  decided  to  offer  their  professional  design  services  and  the  donation  of  labor  to  put  together  a space  for  Kasey  and  her  family  that  would  keep  her  comfortable,  safe,  and  help  her  recover.  This  year  she  will  be  homebound  for  the  next  52  weeks  homeschooling  and  enduring  chemo  and  radiation.  These  images  capture   Kasey's  new  room  and  the  surprise  and  joy  on  her  face  at  the  emotional  reveal. 

:  january  2015


kasey's  room  (before)

kasey's  room  (before)

kasey's  room  (before)

kasey's  room  (after)

PARTNERSHIP  WITH  SAVVY  GIVING   BY  DESIGN  ( a  philanthropic  arm  of  Savvy  Interiors,  donating  interior  design  services  along  with  donations  from  the  community  for  materials  to  makeover  rooms  for  families  in  crisis )

Savvy  Interiors   decided  to  do  a  mini  makeover  for  Kasey  Harvey's  mom  and  dad's  space. This  redesign  was  again  a  COMPLETE  SURPRISE.  Savvy  had  complete  freedom  to  capture  a  space  that  was pleasing  to  them  given  their  love  of  surfing,  water,  and  beaches.  On  an  extremely  tight  budget,  they  came in  a  little  under  $2,000.00.  All  in  all  a  wonderful  day.  I  was  so  honored  to  be  there  to  photograph  it  : )

:  february 2015

harvey  master  bedroom  (before)

harvey  master  bedroom  (before)

harvey  master  bedroom  (before)

harvey  master  bedroom  (after)


"D39'er  Student  Headliner", "Explorer  Spotlight" -  2014  -  2016

Gleaux  Photo  runs  program,  started  at  Design  39  Campus,  but  moved  to  Del  Sur  Elementary  Schoolcalled  the  Explorer  Spotlightin  which  a  DSE student  or  staff  memberis  highlighted  on  campus  and  across  social  media  for  being  INSPIRING  or  EXCEPTIONAL  on  some  level .  An  Explorer  can  be  nominated  as  a  "Spotlightee"  by  demonstrating  exceptional  and  inspiring  TRUSTWORTHINESS,  RESPECT,  RESPONSIBILITY,  FAIRNESS,  CARING,  CITIZENSHIP,  CREATIVITY,  or,  EXTRACURRICULAR  ACHIEVEMENT.  This  program  utilizes  the  children's  voice,  as  well  as,  unique  lifestyle  portraitureto  tell  each  inspiring  story. This  program  serves  to  create  a  potential  campus-wide  respect  and  tolerance  for  all  shapes,  sizes,  colors,  ages,  genders,  backgrounds,  variations  in  behavior,  etc.  

Student  Headliner's  inspiring  stories  can  be  found  at  (http://d39erstudentheadliner.tumblr.com)  &  (http://dseexplorerspotlight.weebly.com/)

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." -Maya Angelou


Walk  for  Wishes,  April  2015

Gleaux  Photo  was  recently   brought  on  board  as  an  event  photographer  for  the  Make-a-Wish  Foundation 's  nationwide  Walk  for  Wishes  fundraiser.  Powered  by  wish  families,  volunteers,  donors  and  friends,  Walk for  Wishes  celebrates  the  thousands  of  wishes  that  have  already  been  granted,  while  raising  funds  for  future  wishes.  Make-A-Wish  grants  the  wish  of  a  child  diagnosed  with  a  life-threatening  medical  condition  in  the  United  States,  on  average,  every  38  minutes.  

"We  believe  that  a  wish  experience  can  be  a  game-changer.  This  one  belief  guides  us."

DAVID'S  MOM,  placing  a  star  on the  Wish  Wall,  symbolic  of  David's  wish,  before  he  died  of  cancer,  to  donate  his  Wish  Money  to  cancer  research

ELIJAH,  adding  his  wish  to  the  Wish  Wall


"If you don't live it, it won't come out your horn." - Charlie Parker, jazz musician

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