"If you don't live it, it won't come out your horn." - Charlie Parker, jazz musician

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Suffering from Drab-Kid’s-Bedroom-Syndrome? Well suffer no more... GLEAUX *Custom Action Wall Art* is a great way to add some color, fun, and well… awesomeness to your kid’s bedroom! And your action hero doesn't have to be playing a sport, as I am currently designing a series for a set of best buddies cannon-balling into a pool together and a little girl playing with her new puppy. Skies the limit! Posters can be designed at any size to fit any wall space, room theme, and color palette. Package includes photoshoot and custom poster design. Printing sold separately. Gift cards are available.

LUKE,  power  kicker

LUKE,  bicycle  kicker

REID,  lefty  pitcher

REID,  power  slugger

JACE  01,  2018

JACE  02,  2018

KAYDEN,  lay upper

REID,  master  dribbler

LUKE,  lay up  king

LUKE,  jump  shooter

NATHAN,  golf  enthusiast

JORDAN,  breakdancing  guru

JORDAN,  breakdancing  guru

DYLAN  01, 2017

TYLER  01,  2017

DYLAN  02,  2017

TYLER  02,  2017


ANJALI,  upward  block

ANJALI,  single tiger claw

ANJALI,   double  tiger caw

ANJALI,  snap  kick





"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity." - Plato


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